Friday, May 30, 2008

Flavour Flav A Las Vegas Resident Now...

He's our city's newest resident- so welcome the Hype Man of Public Enemy, rapper royalty Flavor Flav. Awww, yeahhh. However on his new Nevada driving license, his mortgage bank papers and his voting registration he's William Drayton. But true to character, he never removes his trademark bling bling -- even when he has to take out the trash, just like all of us here in the Valley, twice weekly! Yes, residents down along the southern part of the Strip report Flav's a good conscientious neighbor, and makes sure the trash is out for pickup on its two appointed days, even if it means hauling out the cans while wearing the trademark timepiece around his neck!
Flav is riding high: the finale of his VH1 show 'Flavor of Love' a couple of weeks ago won 6 million viewers, making it the highest rated show in the network's history! (see our carousel above for a few more EXCLUSIVE pics) Filmed in Los Angeles last year, the show saw Flavor selecting one fan "looking for love" with him during the ten 1-hour programs. "Think of it as the Black-helor" he laughs. "I finally selected 'Hoops,' a construction worker from Detroit who used to play basketball. I give all my girls nicknames." When I last talked with Flavor, he admitted that he is the proud poppa of six children born from 2 different women. He plans on keeping his Los Angeles home, but is moving here with one of his girlfriends. "I love Vegas, and you're going to be seeing me around town," he says.


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