Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ice T brought it at the Hard Rock Hotel pool Saturday afternoon to do a set with Black Ice, where he spent his time performing and drinking Ty Ku along with wife and fellow Celebrity Family Feud contestant Coco. For the full gallery, check out spyonvegas.com.
The couple hosted the Players Toast Awards later in the evening at Torrid inside Planet Hollywood Resort. DMX had been scheduled to show, but kind of, sort of managed to get arrested in Arizona for using a fake name and Social Security number to duck out of a health clinic bill. Oh, DMX, you’re like the wacky neighbor we’ve always wanted to have. This just goes to show you that there is no shortage of celebs in Vegas at any time, so when your there, keep your eyes peeled and your camera's at the ready!

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Flavour Flav A Las Vegas Resident Now...

He's our city's newest resident- so welcome the Hype Man of Public Enemy, rapper royalty Flavor Flav. Awww, yeahhh. However on his new Nevada driving license, his mortgage bank papers and his voting registration he's William Drayton. But true to character, he never removes his trademark bling bling -- even when he has to take out the trash, just like all of us here in the Valley, twice weekly! Yes, residents down along the southern part of the Strip report Flav's a good conscientious neighbor, and makes sure the trash is out for pickup on its two appointed days, even if it means hauling out the cans while wearing the trademark timepiece around his neck!
Flav is riding high: the finale of his VH1 show 'Flavor of Love' a couple of weeks ago won 6 million viewers, making it the highest rated show in the network's history! (see our carousel above for a few more EXCLUSIVE pics) Filmed in Los Angeles last year, the show saw Flavor selecting one fan "looking for love" with him during the ten 1-hour programs. "Think of it as the Black-helor" he laughs. "I finally selected 'Hoops,' a construction worker from Detroit who used to play basketball. I give all my girls nicknames." When I last talked with Flavor, he admitted that he is the proud poppa of six children born from 2 different women. He plans on keeping his Los Angeles home, but is moving here with one of his girlfriends. "I love Vegas, and you're going to be seeing me around town," he says.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Catching Celebs in Las Vegas...

Las Vegas isn't just home to high rollers, but it is also the playground of the rich and famous. Celebrities make their way to the Nevada desert and escape to this oasis of fun all the time, staying and playing in some of the most spectacular resorts in the world.
Want to know who goes where? Katchmeinvegas.com is here to tell you the best hotels and hotspots to check out A-list talent, as well as the most luxurious hotels you can stay while trying to make it as a high-roller.

The Palms Casino Resort: One of the hottest places for celebrity-spotting in Las Vegas, The Palms has become a mecca for Hollywood's young and famous. Jessica Simpson and Gwen Stefani are recent celebrities who have experienced the hotel's hotspots, Ghostbar and Playboy Club. If you're looking for that type of action, just expect to stand in line for a while if you're not on somebody's "It" list.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino: If it's good enough for Justin Timberlake, it's good enough to be on this list of celebrity hangouts. The Hard Rock's main feature is the Beach Club, the hotel's pool area that is home to ultra-exclusive cabanas, beautiful people, swim-up blackjack and the most talked-about weekend party, Rehab. As the name suggests, Hard Rock also hosts some of the best concerts to make their way to Las Vegas. Afterwards, you can likely find them partying at Body English, the hotel's ultra-hip club.

Palazzo Casino Resort: The newest ultra-luxury resort on the Las Vegas Strip, Palazzo knows how to bring in celebrity clientele. Rap mogul Jay-Z owns the 40/40 Club within the hotel, while the high-end shops have drawn celebrities such as Rebecca Romjin and Nicolette Sheridan away from Rodeo Drive. Dining is a celebrity experience, as well, with chefs Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck and Mario Batali opening restaurants in this all-suites property.

The Mirage: In the ever-changing landscape that is the Las Vegas Strip, the Mirage may seem like a dinosaur. However, it has continually evolved and remains a top player in Sin City. Celebrities like Ray Romano, Fergie and Snoop Dogg have stayed at the home of the Strip's only man-made volcano recently. More have come to see Love, Cirque du Soleil's Beatles'-inspired production that has been a hit with Vegas visitors. And this hotel's pool remains one of the best in the city.

MGM Grand: While the regular visitors to this longstanding Strip property stay in guest rooms, celebrity VIPs head to The Signature and Skylofts - some of the most celebrated accommodations in Las Vegas. And A-listers like Tara Reid also play at this hotel, heading to the popular Studio 54 and Tabu after hours. MGM Grand also played host to country music star Carrie Underwood, who shot one of her recent music videos at the property.

Venetian: When it was the Sands back in Las Vegas' heydays, the Rat Pack held court on this fabled piece of real estate. Some of today's hottest celebrities are keeping that tradition alive. Wilmer Valderrama, Carson Daly and a host of MTV-generation superstars head to the Venetian to dine and party throughout the evening and early-morning hours at places like Tao, V Bar and La Scena. They also spend time and plenty of money at Grand Canal Shoppes within the resort and stay in the new all-suite Venezia Tower.

Caesars Palace: Caesars continues to shine on the Las Vegas Strip. With the most luxurious shopping (The Forum Shops), some of the biggest headliners (Celine Dion, Elton John, Cher) and the hottest nightlife (Cleopatra's Barge, Shadow: A Bar at Caesars and PURE), this property continues to bring in a who's who of celebrity party-goers, including Carmen Electra and (who else?) Paris Hilton.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Um, Shouldn't he be flipping burgers?...

Kevin Federline's a big spender in Las Vegas!

What happens in Vegas ends up in Kevin Federline's custody documents.
Britney Spears' ex-husband spent more than $43,000 in Sin City between May 2007 and January of this year, according to filings in their custody dispute released by Los Angeles Superior Court and reviewed by the Associated Press.
Federline is a big tipper, leaving $2,000 for a $365 meal bill at Scores strip club, the AP reports. He also spent $1,445 for clothing at the Gianni Versace boutique, $3,863 at TAO nightclub and $3,008 at the Hard Rock Beach Club.
His steadiest income comes from making personal appearances at clubs (banking on his notoriety, we're guessing, as opposed to his winning personality). He earned $15,000 by attending his own birthday party at the Pure nightclub in Las Vegas (nice work if you can get it), and $50,000 for a series of appearances at another club. He also was paid $377,000 for a Nationwide car commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.
His music company earned $544,075 while expending $841,129 in 2007, while his personal music career also appeared to flounder: He spent $74,102 on "music production" expenses, but earned only $9,849 in "music income."

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Places to see celebs in Las Vegas...

If you want to spot celebrities, there's really only two places to go. But if you don't want to waste your time in LA or NY, then why not try Las Vegas? After all, you've got your basic celebrities singing and telling jokes on stage, your basic celebrities coming to town to gamble, and your basic celebrities coming to make movies and television shows.
And then there's always Paris Hilton checking up on her family's ownings.
When it comes to spotting hot celebs, you can take a chance on hanging out at casinos and waiting for them to drop a bundle at the poker table, or you can do something where you'll actually get a chance to see someone famous.
The Palms on Flamingo Road features two clubs well known for attracting the beautiful people. Paris herself prefers the Palms to her namesake hotel and Britney Spears makes it her prerogative to hang out there, too. At the N9NE steakhouse, musicians as varied as Paul Anka and Vince Neil have sung the praises of their porterhouses.
The best place in town to spot celebs, however, is probably the Fix at the Bellagio. Those who've peered through its large windows have been lucky enough to spot Spiderman himself, Tobey Maguire, as well as the king of the world, Leonardo DiCaprio.
Chances are probably not good for spotting famous people at Vegas' top landmarks. For one thing, the rich and famous usually make special arrangements to go to public places. And for another, Vegas' top landmark is so high that if you look down even the biggest celebrities look like ants. Great big honking fireants, maybe, but ants nonetheless. The Stratosphere tower is not only the tallest structure in Las Vegas, it's the tallest building west of the mighty Mississippi River. Much like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, you pretty much can't go anywhere without looking at it. Well, there is one place you can go. Did you know that Balzac-or was it Victor Hugo-hated the Eiffel Tower so much that he used to go there to do his writing because it was the only place in Paris he could find outdoors where he didn't have to look at it. Fortunately, if you don't appreciate the Stratosphere from afar and find yourself forced to go atop it, you'll find plenty to occupy your time, including a thrilling roller coaster ride.
The Stratosphere is also a great place to get a view of America's own fabulous city of lights. The 360 degree view of all that Vegas has to offer really can't be beat, especially at night. However, if you are the athletic type and want to get a view that most other tourists won't get, then try the Calico Tanks Trail. This 2.5 mile hike starts out at the Sandstone Quarry pullout on the Red Rock loop. Upon reaching the far point of the trail, pull out your camera and get ready for a view of Las Vegas that even those up on the Stratosphere tower won't get.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lindsay Lohan in Las Vegas...

Post-Promises, celebrating her birthday and rocking the Fourth in Malibu, Lindsay Lohan officially returned to her partying lifestyle Saturday, at PURE nightclub in Caesars Palace.
The 21-year-old actress shook a leg on the dance floor in a low-cut white dress after having dinner at Social House. She was later seen being shown to her suite at Caesars with Criss Angel, who was linked with former friend Paris Hilton and also Cameron Diaz, but is now known to have a spouse tucked away somewhere.

Lindsay, who successfully completed her 45 days of residential and extended care treatment at Promises Friday, wore an alcohol monitoring bracelet on her anklet while partying at PURE and confined herself to drinking Red Bull energy drink.

Her rep Leslie Sloane told People, "...[Lindsay] has transitioned to an intensive outpatient program, which includes attendance at daily AA meetings, outpatient therapy and daily testing. On her own, she has also made the decision in support of her sobriety to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet. In part she is wearing the bracelet so there are no questions about her sobriety if she chooses to go dancing or dining in a place where alcohol is served."
"She's doing great. Lindsay is working hard on her sobriety and we are all supporting her," Leslie added.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Las Vegas, the place to katch people...

So you've heard that Vegas is a great place to see celebs and other beautiful people. Well, you've heard right. Here are a few places you can go to and watch all the action.

Q: I'm addicted to celebrity gossip and would love to see some stars while in Vegas. Where's the best place to observe them?
A: First stop would be to park yourself in the patio dining area of Spago at the Forum Shops.
Celebs love to shop and they love to do it at this extravagant mall. If you're more in the mood for clubbing, check out Pure at Caesars Palace. It's a virtual celebrity playground every weekend. Tao at the Venetian is also a hot spot for the celeb crowd. If you're looking to spot a celebrity in a restaurant, try N9ne at the Palms or Nobu at the Hard Rock. Those two hotels are where you'll have the most success in stargazing. Quite a few famous folks have also been spotted enjoying the sushi at Social House at Treasure Island.

Whenever there's a major boxing match or awards show, you can't turn around without seeing a celebrity.

Poker is one of the hottest games in town right now, and celebrities like to play as much as the rest of us. Lately, there have been celebrity poker tournaments all over town, so if you're lucky enough to catch one, you'll definitely spot someone famous.

Vegas is convention central, and some of the big shows attract the big stars. MAGIC and ShoWest are two that are attended by a lot of Hollywood's heavy hitters. Finally, don't miss the annual CineVegas film festival. Jack Nicholson, Nicolas Cage and Dustin Hoffman are just a few of the actors who have shown up for the party. If it's a show you want to see, the celebs seem to flock to Cirque du Soleil's Beatles extravaganza LOVE at the Mirage.

Q: Vegas seems so glamorous. Where do the young, beautiful people hang out?
A: If you want to see the young kids having a grand time in Vegas, head over to the Hard Rock Hotel.
If they're not seeing a show at The Joint, they're partying at Body English. During the summer, the Hard Rock's pool area turns into Rehab, one of the most sizzling club scenes around. Another happening place is the Palms. Head up to Ghostbar or Moon and check out the view of Vegas along with the view of the beautiful people. Tabu at the MGM Grand is another chic nightspot where you'll find a very well-heeled crowd. If you're looking for a place where the beautiful people hang out, this is it.

Q: Where's a more casual spot to watch all of the crazy party people that come to Vegas?
A: Well, apart from all of the clubs, high-end restaurants and upscale shopping there are some other fun places in Vegas where you can entertain yourself with some good old-fashioned people watching, accompanied by a few drinks of course.

Head over to Strip Burger in front of the Fashion Show Mall. It's the only all-outdoor restaurant on the Strip where you can get a bite to eat or enjoy a cocktail while still having a view of all the action. Carnaval Court outside of Harrah's is a great place to let loose and check out the smorgasbord of people that flock to this party pit almost every night of the week. They have a huge circle bar with flair bartenders and live music on the weekends where you can delight in the revelry of the crowd and the yard-long mixed drinks. If you really want to see some hardcore Vegas tourists head down to the Fremont Street Experience where you will find old Vegas casinos and a multitude of wacky, tacky souvenir shops all under a canopy of neon lights. You never know who or what you are going see there, but is it definitely worth the trip downtown to get a taste of some of the hotels that first put Vegas on the map -- or at least the 99-cent shrimp cocktail.

Source: vegas.com